Situa-planNoteiktā mērogā samazināts apvidus horizontālās projekcijas attēls plaknē, ko sastāda pēc apvidus uzmērīšanas datiem.
Situācijas plāns ir noteiktā mērogā samazināts apvidus horizontālās projekcijas attēls plaknē, ko sastāda pēc apvidus uzmērīšanas datiem un ortofoto materiāliem.sit plan
Figure 2. As a result of the observations, Sakai et al. have found that carbon chain molecules [3] and their related species such as cyclic C3H2 almost completely disappear in the buccaneers louis murphy mens jersey gas phase inward of steelers ike taylor youth jersey the radius of 100 AU from the protostar (figure 1, top left; top right). The motion of the gas was investigated on the basis of the precise measurement of the vikings chad greenway youth jersey Doppler shift of their spectral lines, and it was revealed that the 100 AU radius corresponds to the centrifugal barrier [4] (figure 2). At this radius, in falling gas is jammed up due to dolphins ryan tannehill youth jersey the centrifugal force, and is gradually transferred to the inner disk. Namely, this is the front of the disk forming region which has been clearly identified with the spectral line of cyclic C3H2. Figure 2.: (left) Schematic illustration of the infalling rotating envelope around the protostar. The gas can not go inside the centrifugal barrier due to the centrifugal brandin cooks youth jersey force. The observer is on the left hand side, looking at the envelope in authentic louis murphy womens jersey an edge on configuration (middle) : The
ALMA authentic bjoern werner youth jersey sees wreckage of comet collisions in nearby solar system Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope in northern Chile have today announced the discovery of an unexpected clump of carbon monoxide gas in the dusty disc around the star Beta Pictoris. This is a surprise, as such gas is expected to be rapidly destroyed by the star’s UV radiation. Something probably frequent collisions between small, icy objects such as comets must be causing the gas to be continuously replenished. The new results are published today in the authentic justin ellis womens jersey journal Science. Beta Pictoris, a nearby star, located approximately 63 light years from Earth in the southern constellation Pictor, easily visible to 49ers joe montana youth jersey the naked eye in the southern sky, is already hailed as the archetypal young planetary system. authentic seahawks robert turbin youth jersey It is known to harbor a planet that orbits some 1.2 billion kilometers from the star, and it was one of the first stars found to be surrounded by a large disc of dusty debris [1]. New observations from ALMA now
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